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Чистые лапы, горячее сердце... ;-))

Well, who needs that shit? А теперь по-русски, СУКА.!!!

Оригинал взят у theljstaff в New mobile view, mass comment deletion
Hi all!

We have 2 new changes to announce today:

Mobile view changes

In order to better accommodate mobile device screens, mobile web browsers will now display journals in LiveJournal's default style, Air. This style is optimized for use on mobile devices, whereas most other styles were designed with the intent of being viewed on a computer's web browser with a much larger screen. This change does not affect how your journal will display when viewed on a computer's web browser; your journal will continue to display using your specified style unless a mobile web browser is viewing your journal.

There is an opt-out available for this feature. Free accounts opting-out of using the Air style for mobile devices will still be able to view their own journal in their selected style. Paid & Permanent accounts opting-out of using the Air style for mobile devices will also allow others viewing their journal on mobile devices to see their journal in their selected style. This settings is available on the Display section of the Settings page, and is listed as "Mobile View".

Mass comment deletion

When deleting a comment from a user in your journal or community, you will now have the option to delete all comments from that user in that post, or to delete all comments that user has ever posted in the journal or community. The menu for this will appear when you delete a comment, and the boxes for mass deletion are not selected by default.

We hope you enjoy the changes, and please let us know if you run into any problems!

А теперь по-русски, сука!!!

And now Russian, bitch!!!

Если кто чего не понял, то я - русскоязычный пользователь ЖЖ, и высеры на англосаксонском НЕДОнаречии в моих входящих сообщениях я НЕ заказывал, и на посты в англоязычных журналах, авторы которых пишут на англосаксонском НЕДОнаречии, НЕ подписывался.
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